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The reboot of Daughters of Grimm is now on Webtoon!  Featuring a new scroll format for easy mobile reading, you can catch new updates the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month!

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Hello!  I’m Samby Sayward and I make comics about BADASS WOMEN.  I’ve always been a fan of exciting action/adventure stories...  Ones that strike that balance between fun, drama, badass, and maybe a tiny twist of the unknown.  


But as much as I love these stories, I can’t help but get frustrated from time to time.  Why? Because it’s so STUPID HARD to find good ones about women. Sure there are many that feature women… Mostly as love interests, sexy side pieces, or token “See? We’re progressive!” characters.  I’m out to change that.


Women are strong.  We’re smart. We’re so much more than how we’re represented.  And times are changing. I’m so excited to see an increase in stories written ABOUT women, FOR women.  I want to keep that ball rolling and show women as they are… BOUNDLESS.



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